In its role as a qualifying body, the Institution has opened up tremendous possibilities for those who aspire to become engineers but have neither the means nor the opportunities to pursue a formal engineering degree course. For such aspirants, the Institution in conformity with the provisions of the Royal Charter conducts bi-annually examinations - the Associate Membership Examination in Sections A & B based on well planned structured courses for all the fifteen disciplines in engineering. Certificate for having passed Sections A & B Examinations of The Institution of Engineers (India) is recognized as equivalent to B.E. Degree in the entire country. A re-structured curriculum of courses and syllabi compatible with the changing requirements of the time have been introduced from Summer 1993 examination.

Instructions for Candidates


Only the members of the Institution are permitted to appear at the examinations conducted by the Institution in conformity with their eligibility (for eligibility criteria and qualifications for elections as members in different categories are specified in the Rules (Volume I)

The Institution conducts the following examinations :

SECTION A (Non-Diploma Stream)


SECTION B (in the following branches of engineering only)

Chemical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Metallurgy and Material Engineering

Textile Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Mining Engineering

Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Production Engineering

The Institution examinations are held twice a year generally in the month of June and December -- termed as Summer and Winter examinations, respectively, in the schemes as may be decided by the Council of the Institution. The Council may, however, change the frequency and timings, if necessary. The exact dates of the examinations, the examination programme and the last date for submitting the examination forms are duly notified through the Technician's Journal and the web site of the Institution. No information is sent to the members individually.

ONLY ONE EXAMINATION FORM SHOULD BE SUBMITTED. Submission of more than one form may cause automatic rejection of the applications. No covering letter is necessary for submission of the form.

Each application accompanied by exact examination fee for admission to the examinations should reach on or before the last date of submission of forms. Examination fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable to the subsequent examination or to any other account.

Examination Fee should be paid only in ONE draft. Please avoid sending two drafts and any other fee along with the examination fee.

Forms are to be sent only to the Secretary & Director General, The Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata 700 020, must accompany the fee by DRAFT drawn on a Bank at Kolkata in favour of 'The Institution of Engineers (India)'. Particulars of the Draft should be mentioned in the form at appropriate place. Name and Membership No. of the candidate must be mentioned on the reverse of the draft. CHEQUES, POSTAL ORDERS, MONEY ORDERS, ETC ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR PAYMENT OF THE EXAMINATION FEE.

Technician and Senior Technician members who have not paid composite subscription, will not be permitted to appear in the Examinations.

The Institution reserves the right to reject incomplete or illegible application forms without any reference to the candidates.

Application Form to appear in the Examination must be filled and signed by the candidate himself.

Candidates should normally select the Examination Centres within the jurisdiction of their respective State / Local Centres. In exceptional circumstances, candidates may be permitted to appear from the Centres outside the jurisdiction of their State Centres provided they enclose with their Examination Forms satisfactory evidence of their being required to appear from other Centres. No application for a change of Examination Centre will be entertained after the last date of submission of application forms. Appearance from a different Centre without prior approval of the Headquarters in writing shall be treated as irregular.

No candidate shall be permitted to appear in Section B Examination unless he has fully passed the Section A Examination . Before submission of Examination Form, a candidate must ensure that his application for registration of Section 'B' (click here to download) with requisite fee has been received by the headquarters of the Institution.

The details of passing Sections A and B Examinations or exemption therefrom should be clearly stated in the Examination Form with the grade of membership.

A Corporate Member or an Associate who has already passed Sections A and B Examinations or is exempted therefrom will only be permitted to appear in any one additional branch of engineering in Section B on payment of the requisite fee. The candidates who passed Section B Examinations in one branch shall be eligible to claim exemption in common subject(s) of same nomenclature in the additional branch in the same syllabi, provided they secure grade 'C' or a higher grade in such subject(s).

A Corporate Member or an Associate who has already passed Section A and B examinations or is exempted therefrom will only be permitted to appear in additional subject(s) of Section A and Section B on payment of the requisite fee . The grade secured in the additional subject(s) will not be added to the original pass result of Section A or Section B under any circumstances.

A Corporate Member or an Associate desiring to appear in additional subject/complete branch is expected to apply for an Identity Card, duly filled in and attested by a Corporate Member, enclosing a demand draft of requisite fee well in advance.
A candidate shall give the correct Code Numbers of the Centre, Branch and Subject(s) in which he desires to appear, in the examination application form strictly as per the Rules (Volume I). Wrong Code Numbers of the Centre, Branch or Subject(s), if mentioned in the form, will automatically result in allotment of the Centre or Branch or Subject(s) to which those Code Numbers belong. Reappearance in subject(s) in which a candidate has already secured exemption(s) will be considered as cancelled. The previous exemptions stand valid.
Centrewise index showing inter alia the membership class, number and corresponding roll number shall be available both at respective (i) examination centre of first choice, and (ii) Local or State Centre or on the web site for information of the applicants whose applications will be found in order in all respect. Only on production of Identity Card, Officer-in-Charge/Honorary Secretary shall issue Admit Card to a candidate. All payments be made by demand draft only payable to 'The Institution of Engineers (India)' at Kolkata.
Any candidate, who is not eligible to appear at the Institution Examinations, will be duly intimated assigning the reason for rejection of his application.
The Institution reserves the right to cancel the result of any candidate without assigning reasons in which case his grade will not be supplied.
In any future correspondence in regard to any Examination, candidate should always mention membership grade and number, the scheme of the Institution Examinations in which he appeared, the Centre of Examination and Roll Number of the concerned examination.
Certain requests such as acknowledgement of receipt of application form, subsequent corrections in the Form, despatch of marksheet/grade card to a temporary address, revaluation of answerscript, award of grace mark, etc shall not be entertained.
Candidate, who has not yet applied for 'Identity Card', is required to apply and collect in his own interest before the Examination. No candidate shall be allowed to appear at the Examination without valid Identity Card.
A candidate, whose name does not appear in the 'List of Candidates' provided to the Examination Centre, will not be allowed to appear at the examination from that Centre.
Marksheets/grade cards, certificates, etc, both original and duplicate, will be sent only to the recorded addresses of the candidates. Requests for sending them to a different place shall not be entertained. Pass Marksheets/grade cards of Section B Examination along with 'Provisional Pass Certificate' shall be sent by registered post to the recorded addresses of the candidates free of charge. A successful candidate of Section A Examination shall be issued with a revised Identity Card without payment of any fee. Requests for sending them to a different address shall not be entertained. However, failed Marksheets/grade cards shall be sent by ordinary post. In case of non-receipt of failed Marksheets/grade cards within 60 days after declaration of result, a candidate may apply for duplicate Marksheets/grade cards in the Prescribed Format with the requisite fee.
Duplicate Pass Marksheet/Grade Card/Combined Certificate shall not be issued. However, in case it is lost, a candidate is expected to lodge the GD/FIR at the nearest Police Station. While applying in the Prescribed Format for Duplicate Marksheet/Grade Card/Combined Certificate, original GD/FIR should be enclosed along with the requisite fee.

80th Annual General Meeting